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EarlySail is pleased to announce that over 150,000 users have installed this application, making it one of the more popular applications for the Blackberry

Are you a casual user or are you a BlackBerry® Addict ?

Find out with EarlySail's FREE "I Love BlackBerry" application [beta]


You always suspected that you were in love with your BlackBerry®, but you may be surprised at how and when you actually use it. The application will show your usage during work hours and during nights and weekends. It organizes your daily, weekly, monthly usage for the current period as well as displays long term averages.


You can share your usage via email with a friend for now, and the next generation of this application will let you compare your usage with that of your friends and colleagues.

Download Options (BlackBerry® OS version 4.3 or higher is required)

An activation email for your device PIN and OS will be auto-generated on your device

  1. Download Over the Air (OTA) via BlackBerry® Browser
  2. Email download instructions to your BlackBerry Email (easiest)
  3. Download to your PC for Cradle Sync

The application also counts your usage on the phone as active time - therefore when prompted you should grant access to this application to use the phone api on your BlackBerry device. In addition, the application periodically checks to see if a new version of the application is available.


Storm users please see FAQ below


Please use the Feedback menu in the application to send a message to your friends at EarlySail. Let us know what features you would like to see in this application. Also see the FAQ below.


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  • Today's Usage
  • Application Settings
  • Long Term Averages



Q: What is the definition of Times and Usage in the application ?
A: The application wants to answer the simple question of how often and how long you use your BlackBerry. As long as you click on a button or are on a phone call, the application counts that as activity. When the device is idle for the configured time (60 seconds by default, you can change this setting) the count of Times you have used the device is incremented, and the application stops adding to your usage duration from the time you stopped using the device. The applications credits the usage to your Work Hours and Nights and Weekends.


Q: Does the application send my usage to you (or my boss/spouse) ?

A: No, the application will never automatically or silently share your usage data with anyone.
The only way to share is to manually use the Share Your Usage feature. This gives you the option of sending your usage one-time only via email to an address that you provide at that time. You can edit the contents of that email before sending the email out.


Q: My Averages seems very high ? Is this correct ?

A: In the initial day or two, the application extrapolates your Average for the day, week, month based on your initial usage. Because of the limited data points in the initial stage, most of which is active usage, this estimate is going to over shoot your actual usage - but this will get closer to your actual average in a couple of days. The Daily, Weekly and Monthly numbers are exact numbers, only the Average is driven by a formula.


Q: How will I know when a new version is available ?

A: The application automatically checks when a new version is available for your type of device and your operating system version. It will inform you when a new version is available and you have the option of downloading the new version if you chose. You can also use the Check New Version menu to see if there is a new version available for you.


Q: When will the application come out of Beta state and a final version available ?

A: The initial release is a Beta or test release and we are eagerly collecting feedback and feature requests. Of particular interest to us is application behavior across different types of BlackBerry device and any feature requests or bug reports you have. We expect to incorporate your reports and suggestions in the final release of Version 1.0


Q: I am a BlackBerry Storm user. How do I get rid of the virtual keyboard?

A: You can take the following additional steps


Storm:Go to Options->Advanced Options->Applications

Storm2:Go to Options->Applications

Highlight I Love Blackberry application and select the "Disable Compatibility Mode" from BlackBerry Menu

Storm2:Do not enter Edit Permissions - use the menu key

Reboot the device.


Q: Can EarlySail develop a custom BlackBerry application for my company ?

A: That is what we do! Please write us with what you have in mind. We can start with an idea sketched on a napkin or we can use your specifications or take over your application development and maintenance.





We need to tell you that Research in Motion Limited is the owner of the ubiquitous BlackBerry® family of trademarks.

EarlySail is not affiliated with Research in Motion Limited.

Your use of this product is governed by the license agreement found at I Love BlackBerry Application License


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